Media Temple vs. Bluehost

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21 hostingových plánů 16 hostingových plánů
Počáteční cena 20,00 Kč / měsíc 2,95 Kč / měsíc
Volná doména Ne Ano
Kupony Ne Ne
Hodnocení uživatelů
Spolehlivost 2.0
Cena 2.0
Uživatelská přívětivost 2.0
Podpora 2.0
Vlastnosti 2.5
Uživatelské recenze
20 recenzí 286 recenzí
Nejnovější pozitivní hodnocení
Superb Support, Fast and Reliable
Ben Hale,
We use MediaTemple for hosting a number of client sites and our own and have found them one of the best providers to work with. Their support staff is diligent and knowledgeable; their products are modern, fast, and flexible.... Více I would a lower price, but I guess you get what you pay for. Méně
Customer service
Kevin Bristol,
If you've been searching for a real human to help guide you with your hosting service and truly values customer service, then Bluehost is your answer! You might have to wait a little while to talk to?a human because of the ... Více immense amount of customers that Bluehost has, but the fact that they go the extra mile for you, makes all the difference to me! Méně
Nejnovější negativní hodnocení
Horrible support
D Kurt,
Mediatemple is expensive, slow and has literally no support at all.
Their replies are always cryptic and don't resolve problems.
I've been with them for over 10 years - but what happened recently finally made me switch. I h... Více osted multiple sites with them and one of them got a malware attack. The consequence: all the sites have disappeared. I reach out to them by mail, chat and phone - no answer for 48 hours. I also asked for priority data recovery - their answer: we don't have any backups, but then we won't make you pay the 79USD backup restoration fee.
Over the years I've had so many bad experiences, on all levels, with them and I'm so happy I finally have a new reliable provider.
josh brooks,
$525 later and they couldn't fix a single thing. i spent hours building my site and then all of a sudden, their website builder stopped working. i called and spoke with people over and over and kept getting the same run aroun... Více d saying they are working on this known issue, 2 months later and still no update just that i could purchase another website builder through their site. needless to say, i have transferred my domain to wix, with who i should have gone with in the first place. with all the issues from blue host and records of my calls they will not even offer any type of refund. this is a new business of mine and was only with them for 4 months and had all these problems. all i can say now is stay far away from blue host. Méně
Sdílený hosting
6 plány od 20,00 Kč do 240,00 Kč 4 plány od 2,95 Kč do 12,95 Kč
Pod 4 $ Ne


2,95 Kč / Měs.
  • Místo: 50 GB
  • Šířka pásma: Neomezený
  • Panel: cpanel
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Pod 8 $ Ne


5,45 Kč / Měs.
  • Místo: Neomezený
  • Šířka pásma: Neomezený
  • Panel: cpanel
Zobrazit Plus plán
Přes 10 $


20,00 Kč / Měs.
  • Místo: 20 GB
  • Šířka pásma: 1 TB
  • Panel: cpanel
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12,95 Kč / Měs.
  • Místo: Neomezený
  • Šířka pásma: Neomezený
  • Panel: cpanel
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12 plány od 30,00 Kč do 1 500,00 Kč 3 plány od 18,99 Kč do 59,99 Kč
Pod 4 $ Ne Ne
Pod 8 $ Ne Ne
Přes 10 $

DV Developer 1

30,00 Kč / Měs.
  • Místo: 20 GB
  • Šířka pásma: Neomezený
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18,99 Kč / Měs.
  • Místo: 30 GB
  • Šířka pásma: Neomezený
Zobrazit Standard plán
Dedikovaný server
3 plány od 2 000,00 Kč do 2 699,00 Kč 3 plány od 79,99 Kč do 119,99 Kč
Pod 4 $ Ne Ne
Pod 8 $ Ne Ne
Přes 10 $


2 000,00 Kč / Měs.
  • Místo: 1000 GB
  • Šířka pásma: Neomezený


79,99 Kč / Měs.
  • Místo: 5 TB
  • Šířka pásma: Neomezený
Zobrazit Standard plán
Cloud hosting
3 plány od 6,95 Kč do 15,95 Kč
Pod 4 $ Ne Ne
Pod 8 $ Ne


6,95 Kč / Měs.
  • Místo: 100 GB
  • Šířka pásma: Neomezený
Zobrazit Starter plán
Přes 10 $ Ne


8,95 Kč / Měs.
  • Místo: Neomezený
  • Šířka pásma: Neomezený
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Tvorba webových stránek
3 plány od 2,95 Kč do 24,95 Kč
Pod 4 $ Ne


2,95 Kč / Měs.
  • Místo: Neomezený
  • Šířka pásma: Neomezený
Zobrazit BASIC plán
Pod 8 $ Ne Ne
Přes 10 $ Ne


9,95 Kč / Měs.
  • Místo: Neomezený
  • Šířka pásma: Neomezený
Zobrazit PRO plán
Data Centers
1 z 6 0 z 6
Severní Amerika Ano Ne
Evropa Ne Ne
Asie Ne Ne
Oceánie Ne Ne
Jižní Amerika Ne Ne
Afrika a Střední východ Ne Ne
Služby podpory
5 z 6 6 z 6
Live Chat Ano Ano
Telefonická podpora Ano Ano
E-mailová podpora Ano Ano
Fórum podpory Ano Ano
Video průvodci Ne Ano
Databáze znalostí Ano Ano
Podpora CMS
4 z 6 4 z 6
WordPress Ano Ano
Joomla Ano Ano
Drupal Ano Ne
Magento Ano Ano
Softaculous Ne Ne
PrestaShop Ne Ano
Podpora OS
1 z 2 1 z 2
Windows Ne Ne
Linux Ano Ano
Jazyková podpora
2 z 8 4 z 8
PHP Ano Ano
Java Ne Ano
Python Ano Ano
Node.js Ne Ne
Django Ne Ne
Perl Ne Ano
Ruby on Rails Ne Ne
Podpora databáze
1 z 3 2 z 3
MongoDB Ne Ano
MySQL Ano Ano
PostgreSQL Ne Ne
Podporované typy plateb
2 z 6 0 z 6
PayPal Ano Ne
kreditní karty Ne Ne
Skrill Ne Ne
bankovní převod Ano Ne
Webmoney Ne Ne
Bitcoin Ne Ne




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Bruno Mirchevski Hosting Expert

BlueHost and Media Temple are both great companies, and they both excel at different areas, which made this comparison something of a challenge for our hosting experts. In the overall rankings, Media Temple got higher average scores than BlueHost, and they also have a greater number of higher level hosting options, with more powerful dedicated servers, to choose from. The support from Media Temple is more advanced and seems to have the ability to work on more complicated problems, which can be very important. In the end, we choose Media Temple as the winner for these reasons.