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Sdílený hosting 90 Kč - 350 Kč
VPS 700 Kč - 1 590 Kč
Manny P

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Manny P,
i have read the reviews on this site and the first thought that came to my mind is "what a bunch of frauds!" I have been with Dotster for 10 years now and have not had any problems, they have addresse...Více informacíd my matters both online and on the phone with a 100% resolution at the end of every call. There was a time when they could not resolve it on the phone and escalated to their resolution department and they followed up; admitted it was a problem on their end and resolved it. Full communication and that is why i have not had the need to leave. This is a real review from a real consumer and there is no way that all of the reviews on this site are even close to accurate if real at all? The other think i notice about this site is that a pop up comes to you and asks you what kind of site are you looking to host etc. Then below you have to provide them with additional information so they can then blast you with marketing trying to get you to leave Dotster, what a fraud!Méně


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Dotster Ceny, plány a vlastnosti - 2022

Plány Sdíleného hostingu

Název plánu Prostor Šířka pásma Panel Počet webových stránek Cena Skóre
Basic Hosting - Linux Neomezený Neomezený cPanel Neomezený 90 Kč 3.3 Podrobnosti
Deluxe Hosting - Linux Neomezený Neomezený cPanel Neomezený 160 Kč 2.9 Podrobnosti
Ultra Hosting - Linux Neomezený Neomezený cPanel Neomezený 330 Kč 2.9 Podrobnosti
Basic Hosting - Windows Neomezený Neomezený Neomezený 120 Kč 2.0 Podrobnosti
Deluxe Hosting - Windows Neomezený Neomezený Neomezený 190 Kč 2.9 Podrobnosti
Ultra Hosting - Windows Neomezený Neomezený Neomezený 350 Kč 2.9 Podrobnosti

Plány VPS hostingu

Název plánu Prostor CPU RAM OS Cena Skóre
Standard 20 GB - 512 MB 700 Kč 2.9 Podrobnosti
Pro 40 GB - 1 GB 980 Kč 2.9 Podrobnosti
Premium 60 GB - 2 GB 1 590 Kč 2.9 Podrobnosti

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