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Andy Max

Připnutá recenze

Andy Max,
I really don't understand the bad reviews here, between myself and my company we have over 20 instances on Scaleway and are very happy with the service!


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Sarrazin Bruno
Sarrazin Bruno z Francie,

Qualité de service nulle

Cette maison est la honte du web.

Serveurs non maintenus.
Assistance de niveau zéro.
"Customer Excellence Specialist"... Le titre du dernier quidam que j'ai eu en ligne. Son diplôme doit certainement être beaucoup moin reluis...Více informacíant au regard de la qualité des réponses qu'il ose faire à un client.

Si vous chercher un prestataire de service qui ne remplit pas ses obligations, qui ne répond jamais aux questions qu'on lui pose, qui abandonne ses serveurs sans aucune maintenance ou évolution.... Vous avez trouvé ce que vous cherchiez.

Pour les amateurs de fun.... Que pensez vous d'un serveurs qui est bloqué sur php 7.4 ? Là, ce n'est que la partie visible de l'arnaque...

George Adrian
George Adrian z Rumunsko,

Was OK until server started dying

Prices went up by 50% since I started with them, but all was OK until I got segmentation faults all over the server.
They wouldn't change RAM nor SSD, nor would they return a one month's fee because as long as SSH works, the serv...Více informacíer is "working fine".
They also asked for an extra month of the service.. I canceled my card.. I'm not paying for I'm not using.
George Ciobanu
George Ciobanu z Rumunsko,

M1 service is good, but they want your ID to use it

The Mac M1 cloud service is good and ok in regards to pricing. However, I was only able to use it for 5 hours and then they locked my account asking for proof of identity. Please note that the identity verification was optional in...Více informací the dashboard. They asked me for a photo of my ID and a selfie of me holding my ID via email (again huge concern). Never have I ever been asked for such information from Amazon, Google, Heroku, Azure etc. I was just using the M1 with Xcode and they mentioned that my account was locked due to a "potential security issue" and an "an inconsistency in your account details", therefore "for security reasons we need to identify you as the owner of the personal and banking data you have saved on this account". I asked them to kindly further explain the inconsistency that they found and they refused "Due to internal security and privacy reasons, we cannot share the detailed information that lead to this decision". Absolutely outrageous, they expect the customer to send them personal information (ID, selfie, address), and they refuse to explain why. I think they just want you to have a taste of their services and then just lock you out of your account until you provide your data, because I've seen lots of users complaining about this. Had I not saved my work, it would've been lost and kept for ransom (my personal info). So that's the end of my experience with Scaleway and will not return as a customer. Thanks!Méně
Tri Nguyen
Tri Nguyen z Spojené státy americké,

Terrible support and communication

I signed up an account with Scaleway; I wanted to see what their services look like.
The account console login is hosted at online.net ; not at scaleway.com. Strange, but I proceeded out of curiosity.

When I first logged in; ...Více informacíthey made my account inactive because my IP is in Canada; but my address is in the US. Which is good. I was on a business trip at Canada, that's why.

The next day, I came back to the US, logged in, and asked them to remove the inactive status. Here's what they replied:
Can you fulfil the payment method, please.
You've to add a physical credit card which is compatible with the 3D secure.
Once added, please come back to us, so we can pass it on to the team in charge.

Their English is not that good, as many people here also agreed.
But why, why do you ask me for a credit card? I only want to browse your servers, do some comparison first.
Maybe they didn't understand my question about inactive/active status of the account due to IP restriction?
Or maybe that's how they run their business? Get people' credit card BEFORE they can browse?

I don't feel comfortable dealing with a team that do not know how to communicate.
Jens Kirk
Jens Kirk z Dánsko,

2 months to investigate a simple issue

In ticket #EIMA-3700-FNXV is has so far taken support 2 months to investigate a simple issue with an error restoring from their Object Storage service using UpdraftPlus (the largest backup software for WordPress).

No progress s...Více informacío far. They are still looking into it.

Their Object Storage server also has an SSL mismatch reported by UpdraftPlus, but it is still uncorrected.
T Redon
T Redon z Albánie,

Not worth it

I have been with Scaleway since more than 3 years , prices were great , started slowly getting more and more expensive without upgrading the quality , the customer support once was good and prompt , now it is just a bunch of newbi...Více informacíes which delay the responses and when they respond , they dont fix anything. It was once a good company , but for new customers i would advise to go elsewhere , it is no longer worth it , i paid them thousands over years , it s just not worth the headache anymore . And the billing system sucksMéně
thoven aja
thoven aja

a thieft and a very bad support

i have 1 year abstance using their service, but my account remain intact with them,
after earlier month i shock i got bill from them
after i tried login they're 4 baremetal in my account that i never used and i never create.
...Více informacíi thought i got hacked

and now i tried to delete my account, but they'rs support say's i have running instance, and itry to delete then instance
they're error need permision
and i ask support to delete them for me
and its already 3 day without any action
they do it on purpose
they definitely scammer.
beware..don't touch with them

Scaleway Ceny, plány a vlastnosti - 2023

Plány Cloud hostingu

Název plánu Prostor CPU RAM Šířka pásma Cena Skóre
C1 50 GB 4 jádra 2 GB Neomezený 70 Kč 2.7 Podrobnosti
C2S 50 GB 4 jádra 8 GB Neomezený 280 Kč 2.6 Podrobnosti
C2M 50 GB 8 jádra 16 GB Neomezený 420 Kč 2.2 Podrobnosti
C2L 300 GB 6 jádra 32 GB Neomezený 560 Kč 1.2 Podrobnosti
X64-2GB 50 GB 2 jádra 2 GB Neomezený 70 Kč 2.2 Podrobnosti
X64-4GB 100 GB 4 jádra 4 GB Neomezený 140 Kč 1.6 Podrobnosti
X64-8GB 200 GB 6 jádra 8 GB Neomezený 240 Kč 1.3 Podrobnosti
X64-15GB 200 GB 6 jádra 14.6 GB Neomezený 590 Kč 2.2 Podrobnosti
X64-30GB 400 GB 8 jádra 29.3 GB Neomezený 1 180 Kč 1.6 Podrobnosti
X64-60GB 700 GB 10 jádra 58.6 GB Neomezený 2 120 Kč 2.2 Podrobnosti
X64-120GB 1000 GB 12 jádra 117.19 GB Neomezený 4 230 Kč 2.2 Podrobnosti

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