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Sdílený hosting 60 Kč - 180 Kč
VPS 360 Kč - 1 190 Kč

Data Centers

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This award is given to hosting companies that have successfully passed our 99.9% uptime test
Julio Leon

Připnutá recenze

Julio Leon,
Cuando contraté originalmente con HostMantis lo hice pensando en que probablemente tendría problemas con ellos debido a los precios tan bajos que tenían. Estaba equivocado. Hasta este momento, HostMan...Více informacítis me ha dado un gran servicio de soporte (más de 12 meses con ellos) y la velocidad y rendimiento son más que aceptables. Aparentemente tienen varias reseñas negativas de hace algunos años, pero creánme cuando les digo que son cosa del pasado.Méně


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John Von Camp
John Von Camp z Spojené státy americké,

Horrible "service"

They do not keep track of which sites they host and provide barebones support for hosting questions. I guess their customer support people don't have any training. You get what you pay for -- don't pay for this! Go elsewhere if yo...Více informacíu need a reliable service and the knowledge of a technical support team is important to you. Very disappointing to have to deal with finding another provider for my business site.Méně
We could not find a "John Von Camp" in our client database and you provided no domain name for us to verify, so thanks for your "review".
R Tom
R Tom z Nizozemsko,

Do not host at

Do not host at It's a worst hosting company. They have a lot of down time.
The support is not friendly and not professional.
There are close accounts for nothing. is a bad hosting company
We do not tolerate abusive accounts, so yes, if you abuse our services it will not be ignored. Your negative review is nothing more than false claims and retaliation for us not tolerating your abusive account.
This is a real opinion about HostMantis.
Like you can see here and in more other places HostMantis has many BAD REVIEWS.
And if somebody wrote something else may be is false review. is a worst hosting scammers who suspend accounts with fake problems.
No, the review is no real. I use HostMantis and it has been reliable as the rock of Gibraltar and extremely speedy. The only negative reviews are from many years ago before their major restructuring.
Yes the comment is real, i aslo facing this issue, im not recommended at all.. please to think twice and survey other review. for me this is true.

HostMantis Ceny, plány a vlastnosti - 2022

Plány Sdíleného hostingu

Název plánu Prostor Šířka pásma Panel Počet webových stránek Cena Skóre
Entry 2 GB Neomezený cPanel Neomezený 60 Kč 4.4 Podrobnosti
Starter 5 GB Neomezený cPanel Neomezený 90 Kč 3.4 Podrobnosti
Advanced 10 GB Neomezený cPanel Neomezený 140 Kč 7.5 Podrobnosti
Expert 25 GB Neomezený cPanel Neomezený 180 Kč 10 Podrobnosti

Plány VPS hostingu

Název plánu Prostor CPU RAM OS Cena Skóre
Entry 25 GB 1 x 2.26GHz 1 GB 360 Kč 6.5 Podrobnosti
Starter 50 GB 2 x 2.66GHz 2 GB 480 Kč 6.5 Podrobnosti
Advanced 75 GB 3 x 2.26GHz 4 GB 720 Kč 6.5 Podrobnosti
Expert 100 GB 2 x 2.26GHz 6 GB 1 190 Kč 6.5 Podrobnosti

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